LASK After School & Holiday Club's

After School Club & Holiday Club For Children 4-12years Old

LASK RULES-Written by the Children

  • We have ‘Kind hands, kind feet & use kind words at all times’.
  • We treat others how we would want to be treated, and think about people’s feelings.
  • We share the toys & equipment with each other.
  • We can run outside when it is our playtime or in the hall for group games.
  • We walk carefully inside.
  • We can shout & Scream in an emergency.
  • Coloring pens, Crayons, & Pencils are for coloring books & paper.
  • Our Play workers encourage us to ‘talk’, but when we all want to talk together they like us to put our hand up, so we can be heard.
  • We take care of LASK equipment, so we can use it every day!
  • We have fun at LASK!